Ray ’52 & Beverly Weldon

Living off campus I ate most every day in the restaurant/lunchroom where Bev was a waitress (Connie’s Barbecue). I finally asked Bev out for “tomorrow night,” and she agreed to meet me at about 7:30 at her workplace where we could have a bite to eat then take in a movie.

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Love for the St. Mike’s Fire and Rescue

My St. Mike’s love story is the time I spent as a student member of the Saint Michael’s Fire and Rescue Department. It was the 70’s – we didn’t have much money, but the resourceful and tough Don Sutton kept us moving forward to what it has evolved into today. I loved my crews, being […]

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Galentine’s Day

Happy Galentine’s Day to the St. Mike’s Girls Book Club (Arianne, Kristin, Meg, Rachel & Victoria — and honorary members: Amelia, Jenna, Katie, & Michelle)! We met almost fifteen years ago (is that possible?!) as residents of fourth floor Joyce and became fast friends. We made it through four years of college and all that […]

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Paul Beique ’87 & Barbara Magill ‘86

Barbara Magill and I met in fall 1986, when she was living with our good friends in Townhouse 109, a short commute from the palatial Townhouse 103. Our relationship began like all great romances, over crossword puzzles.

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Andrew Parise ’09 & Julia Watson ‘10

I never spent much time in the library. In fact, I was opposed, on principle, to doing work in there. I didn’t need hard copy books to get my work done and I scoffed at assignments that required non-digital bibliographies. I was a reporter and photographer back then. Deep in the Journalism Major, my assignments […]

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St. Mike’s Love: Professor Edition

I’ve already sent in a Valentine’s Day letter for my St. Mike’s friend group, but I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge what is perhaps my greatest St. Mike’s love story: my love for my two favorite professors, Carey Kaplan & Nat Lewis. The truth is, I seriously considered transferring out of St. Mike’s […]

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Kyle ’05 & Aubrey ’06 Dietrich

I met Aubrey the last few weeks of my senior year. At the time, meeting the girl of my dreams was the farthest thing from what I was expecting. So much so that I tried to get her to date my roommate instead of me. Something about her stuck with me. No matter how much […]

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Brian ’01 & Karen ’02 Perrault

My wife and I are both St. Mike’s alumni, and we met on campus on Valentine’s Day 2001 when I was a senior and she was a junior, at a house party in North Campus. Sixteen years later, we are married and have three boys. – Brian Perrault ‘01

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Jordan Kilty ’12 and John Wall ’13

I knew Jordan and I were going to be best friends before I had even met her. She was studying abroad in Grenoble, France during her junior year and had been keeping in touch with a mutual St. Mike’s friend of ours via email – so I got to hear all of the entertaining stories […]

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Love and Friendship through Theater

The above photo was taken Thanksgiving 1991, in my apartment on Union Street in Winooski. There were 8 fine arts majors in this photo who graduated in 1992. Pictured on top row: Julie Alexander, Michael Lounsbery, Chris Burrage, Karen Newcombe Bottom row: Robin Perez, Rick Homan, Bridget Edwards, Rebecca Padula We did a lot, and […]

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Heidi & Eric Grantz ‘95

Our first introductions came by way of my social meddling (yet very much adored) mother while in line at pre-orientation. Eric was in front of us in line when my mother tapped on his shoulder and said, “you’re a psychology major…my daughter is a psychology major!” This was nothing short of embarrassing and although we […]

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Michael ’75 & Jane (Trinity ’75) Foley

Michael Foley (SMC ’75) and Jane McDowell (Trinity ‘75) met on a cold, blustery Sunday afternoon in late January of 1972 on the hill by the Mary Fletcher unit of the UVM Medical Center on Colchester Avenue. I was with a group of friends from Trinity, and Michael was with some friends from St. Mikes […]

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Riley Stefano ‘16 & Logan David ‘16

I didn’t meet my best friend at St. Mike’s until senior year. I knew who he was—it’s such a small school, pretty much everyone knows everyone. We had played pickup basketball together freshman year, sat opposite each other in a class as sophomores, and even had brief encounters on weeknights out in the 3’s, but […]

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Evan & Maddie Sivo ’08

Evan and I lived around the corner from each other for four years at St. Mike’s, but did not meet until after graduation. We were both living in Burlington after college and a mutual St. Mike’s friend introduced us. The rest is history! We were married in 2013, and still live in Burlington with our […]

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Keith ’66 & Susan Maloney

Happy Valentine’s Day! I met my wife Susan in February 1965 shortly after Valentine’s Day while I was attending St. Mike’s and Susan Mary Capone (note her SMC initials) was attending Trinity College. How did we meet? Susan (with a girlfriend) were hitchhiking to “The Mill” in Winooski (women could do that sort of thing […]

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Molly & John Herman ’08

Our love story began during Freshman year in Alliot (if you ask him) and during our Sophomore year in Alumni Hall (if you ask her). He will tell you that he knew he loved her the second he saw her, she will tell you that it took a little longer than that – but no […]

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Reconnecting after 37 Years

I was a journalism major at St. Mike’s between 1976-1980. At a classmate’s request, I joined Air Force ROTC and drill team together as a freshman. As a result, I met a student named Matt Hedger ‘78, who was a junior.

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Loving Friendships

I attended St. Mike’s between 1971 and 1975. While there I fell in love with a number of people, Dr. John Hanigan for his passion for philosophy and playing jazz piano; Dr. Paul LeClair for his love of music, especially Duke Ellington; Joanne and Don Rather for their penchant for theater; Dr. Edward Fokey for […]

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Jacki Murphy ’74 & Zaf Bludevich

Zaf Bludevich came to work at St. Mike’s in the fall of 1975 as the College’s first full-time athletic trainer. I was attending UVM’s M.Ed. program in student personnel services in higher education and working as a graduate resident assistant in the halls at SMC. The SMC staff was small and there were few young […]

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Study Group

Although I did not meet my wife at St. Mike’s, I did meet some of my best friends there. I have a few good friends still in the area, and some not. I was speaking with a good friend the other day, and he reminded me of our accounting study group, where we did not always […]

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2007 Crew

If you had told me 14 years ago that I would meet some of my closest and best friends at St. Mike’s, I probably would’ve smiled and said “I hope so,” without ever really thinking more about it. However, as I sit here and think about how many wonderful friendships I gained during my time at St. Mike’s, I can’t help but feel so blessed.

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Jill ’09 & Ben Lannen

I met my husband at St. Mike’s in 2007, although he wasn’t a St. Mike’s student. It was the first week of my junior year and my friends and I were living in the 400’s. As we were part of the Ambassador Program – which was awesome, by the way – one of our friends […]

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Paul Galbraith ‘78

The love of the performing arts was attained by four special people at Saint Michael’s College. Don and Joanne Rathgeb, Dr. William Tortolano, and Dr. Paul LeClair. These four wonderful teachers gave me such a wide variety of enjoyment both in and out of class. My “Thanks” to St. Mike’s for giving me for extraordinary […]

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The Five Stars

Coming from five different countries (Honduras, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Afghanistan, Tanzania) for college in a small town in Vermont and finding a family in friends is what we describe our group as.

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Mike ’70 & Patricia (Foye) Mulligan

My Valentine story began the evening of December 8, 1968. I had the job, on campus through the snack bar (which was on the second floor of Alliot Hall at the time) of servicing all the soda machines on campus. St. Mike’s was all male at that time and I was not anticipating any social […]

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Bill Allen ‘52

As part of the class of 1952, which consisted of many WW2 veterans and others like me, whose graduation present was an all expense paid trip to Korea. In my Junior, year a buddy of mine whose name was Tom asked me if I would double date two girls from Trinity, and I said I […]

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Christine ’11 & Erick Gallager ’10

We met in 2007 as members of the SMC Swim Team and credit Drew Millikin ’01 and the late Jim Donoghue ’70 with bringing us together. We swam in adjacent lanes but didn’t really speak to each other for months, since Erick was shy and Christine was wrapped up in her own freshman world. We […]

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Sister Love

Some of my best memories of St. Mike’s happened during the time that I was roommates with my older sister Jill. We shared an off campus apartment together, and although we had lived together as sisters our whole life, our time together at St Mike’s brought us closer than ever before.

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Paul Romasco ’11 & Jarah LaRock ’10

We have a St. Mike’s love story to share! We didn’t connect until after college, but were brought together by our mutual love of Saint Mike’s, and soon, of each other as well. We just made our love story official this morning when Paul proposed. Thank you for bringing us together! – Jarah LaRock ‘10

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Love & Gratitude

There are too many people – faculty, staff and fellow students to acknowledge for the love that I gained and shared during my time at Saint Michael’s and ever since. I am just filled with immense gratitude for the multitude of ways that so many people at St. Mike’s have enriched my life personally and […]

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Teachers We Love

Fr. Lorenzo D’Agostino was responsible for all the great opportunities I had in my career in the Air Force. An unforgettable mentor, teacher and friend. Loved by all who knew him. – Lt. Colonel Ron Tenaglia ’66

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Kelly Ainsworth ’15 & James DeVoursney ’16

At the beginning of my sophomore year, I attended many “Welcome Back” gatherings for different clubs around campus. At the Drama Club Picnic, I met a first-year student named James DeVoursney ‘16 who planned to major in Theatre. We talked for a few minutes and then the picnic ended. The next day, I went to […]

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Friends Then and Friends Now

Twelve years later it seems impossible to remember what life was like before this group of friends. From singing “Jack and Diane” in the suites to camping at SPAC for DMB to friends weekends in Boston to weddings in Vermont, this pack is in it for the long haul.

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George Murphy ’91 & Tara Webster ’92

We started at St. Mike’s in the fall of 1988. We met on day two of freshman orientation, and there we were two and half years later on the corner of Route 15 outside of Founders Hall getting engaged. I got the ladder loaned, and a few exchange students standing on the sidewalk got an […]

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Sarah & Josh Vaillancourt ‘04

Josh and I met freshman year. We both lived on the third floor of Joyce. There was a group of us that ate together, walked to class together, worked together. When Josh told me he liked me in November of our first year, I was shocked. He was rather introverted and I didn’t know him […]

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Bill ’56 & Joyce Leuchten

I met a Trinity College girl, Joyce McKenzie, in 1954, when I was a junior at Saint Michael’s. We “dated” for two years and married soon after we graduated. We have been married for 60 years, have five children and thirteen grandchildren. Thanks to my attending Saint Michael’s College, we have had a LOVING life. […]

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College Cool Kids

I want to take a moment to talk about the wonderful friends that I met during my first moments at Saint Michaels College. It all began in Ryan Hall, August of 1998. My first Friend was my new roommate Kristi Dyer ‘02 and then the companionship extended to the introduction of her hometown best friend David Barrowclough ‘02.

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Carl ’68 and Joyce Roof

Carl was a freshman in the great class of 1968 at SMC and Joyce was a sophomore at Trinity. Joyce knew a lot about SMC since her dad was a fan of SMC basketball and had helped start the Booster Club. Come the 1964 Halloween mixer (for you millennials and Generation Z’s, that is a […]

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Beth ’82 & Brian Manning ‘83

I met my husband at St. Mike’s. He was a Sophomore and I was a Junior. We were both orientation aides in the fall of 1980. We met at an orientation aide get to know you activity on the tennis courts the day before the freshman arrived. There were two lines across from each other […]

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Frank (’68) & Andrea Russo

I met my wife, Andrea (Natowich) of 46+ years at St. Mike’s. She was a student at Jeanne Mance School of Nursing and took a number of non-med courses at St. Mike’s. I proposed to her at Battery Park, like so many other Michaelmen did back then with their girlfriends. Andrea and I were married […]

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Bill (’65) & Mary Troy

My wife, Mary O’Reilly Troy, and I will be married 50 years this August. We met in 1965 during the week between finals and graduation while we were renting adjoining cabins on Lake Champlain along classmates. I was from Connecticut and she came from New York. She went to Trinity and I to SMC, but […]

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The Trio

We are the perfect example of this! I am getting married in August and my matron of honor and two bridesmaids are all from St. Mike’s! I met my MOH on move-in day as she lived just across the hall in Lyons and I met the other two later on. It wasn’t until senior year that we became closer and the bond has only gotten stronger over the past several years!

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Alison Dionne ’10 & Brian Madden ‘09

In my senior year at St Mike’s, I decided to move to Denver, Colorado.  I knew a girl who had graduated a year before me already out there and while she was visiting Burlington, we decided to meet up and chat about her experience. When I got to Ake’s Place, she was already with a […]

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Paula Rosado (’79) & Maureen Kinne (’78)

This is a special note for my special friend Mo who graduated from St Mike’s in 1978 and I graduated in 1979. After I graduated, I moved to Bergen County, New Jersey where I started my first job not far from Mo’s house.  We played tennis nightly and hung out with her large, wonderful family […]

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Shaleen & Conor Driscoll ‘08

It was my birthday, about the third day of freshman year. Classes hadn’t even started. I was leaving Alliot with a couple girls when a hippie dude with a surfer hair stopped to chat. There was a moment when I looked into those blue eyes, and I just knew. We exchanged AIM screen names. How […]

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Shannon & Tony Karlowicz ’00

I first met Tony in ‘96 at Orientation Weekend. I observed Tony crack up our entire class when he became hypnotized as an audience member at the evening entertainment. When he was finally coaxed on stage, he thought that he was driving a “moon mobile.” We were all hysterical! Fast forward to the fall of […]

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Meggan & Ryan Dulude ’07

We first met our first year (we’re the same grad year, ‘07) at St. Mike’s through baseball and softball at St. Mike’s. Ryan was a Journalism major and Meg started off as a Business Administration major before changing to Economics. We actually knew of each other prior to Saint Michael’s, growing up in Northern Vermont […]

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Amy & Jeremy Lombardo ’95

Jeremy and I met our freshman year in Religion studies class and started hanging out a bit. We started dating our sophomore year and stayed together for the rest of our time at St. Mike’s. We were married two years after graduation with lots of St. Mike’s alums in attendance. St. Mike’s will always be […]

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Andrea Gosselin ’08, Aimee (Boyle) Duffy ’08, Leah (O'Brien) Palone ‘08, Kara (Maccio) Becker ’08, Tracy (MacGregor) Westcott ’08, Nicole Siciliano ’08, Ashley Wheeler ’08, Brooke (O'Dell) Johnson ’08, Jill (Ohrenberger) Malcom ‘08

Pack of Nine ’08

Since there are nine of us, we met at different points, but all within our first month as freshmen at St. Mike’s and our group has remained unchanged. Three of us met at an accepted student’s overnight the spring before we were freshmen. We kept in touch the whole summer over AOL Instant […]

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Lexi & Ed DiFiglia ’04

The first time I ever set foot on St. Mike’s campus it was February and the snow was waist high. This was for an accepted students’ open house, where they try to convince students to pick St. Mike’s over the other schools. I didn’t need much convincing. We parked in the Durick lot and hadn’t […]

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Caitlin ’05 & Gene ’01 Bova

Caitlin and I met in the summer of 2006, after both of us had already graduated from St. Mike’s. Back then, we lived pretty far away from each other. Caitlin was outside of Boston and I was in NH. We were matched online and found similarities beyond what the online program identified for us, and […]

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