Lexi & Ed DiFiglia ’04

The first time I ever set foot on St. Mike’s campus it was February and the snow was waist high. This was for an accepted students’ open house, where they try to convince students to pick St. Mike’s over the other schools. I didn’t need much convincing. We parked in the Durick lot and hadn’t even made it past McCarthy by the time I realized that I was home. The tour just confirmed what I had been feeling. My mind was made up long before we got back to the car to drive home the next day.

It just felt right. It’s a powerful feeling, knowing when something is meant to be.

So August rolls around and I’m moving into Joyce Hall. This is it! College! Time to explore and grow, to fall in and out of love, and to debate brainy things. Not once, not for one second, did I think I had made a mistake choosing St. Mike’s.

Skip ahead a few years. It’s now late September. The last of the summer warmth is clinging on as best it can, giving us warm days and cool nights. It’s falling leaves and shining stars, and the rhythm of another new semester. And there’s this girl. Russet hair and chestnut eyes. We’re sitting on a couch in one of the 200’s townhouses. And then we’re holding hands.

It just felt right. It’s a powerful feeling, knowing when something is meant to be.

Fr. Brian Cummings married us on a perfect October day ten years ago. We now have two kids and live near the beach in New Jersey.

– Ed DiFiglia (’04)

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