Pack of Nine ’08

Andrea Gosselin ’08, Aimee (Boyle) Duffy ’08, Leah (O’Brien) Palone ‘08, Kara (Maccio) Becker ’08, Tracy (MacGregor) Westcott ’08, Nicole Siciliano ’08, Ashley Wheeler ’08, Brooke (O’Dell) Johnson ’08, Jill (Ohrenberger) Malcom ‘08

Since there are nine of us, we met at different points, but all within our first month as freshmen at St. Mike’s and our group has remained unchanged. Three of us met at an accepted student’s overnight the spring before we were freshmen. We kept in touch the whole summer over AOL Instant Messenger or shy phone calls to our parents’ land lines. We met more of our group during summer orientation and bonding in Cheray 101 while taking a writing quiz. Our group was completed when we became friends with the other girls on our floor. We told stories and got to know each other sitting on crowded floors of various rooms on Ryan 3rd floor or on the grass in the quad. We were starry-eyed at our new found friendships. We always thought that since we lived together, and we were in the adventure of college together, our friendships were accelerated and soon we were the family we had chosen for ourselves.

In the earliest days of freshman year, the close proximity made for natural lunch dates to Alliot or often meant leaving for classes as the same time. It wasn’t long until we were those people travelling in a pack to meals, classes and through the 300s.

While we always get a good laugh recalling some of those very first moments spent together, what we first noticed about each other is, by and large, what has kept us together. We all came from different backgrounds but as people, we had so much in common, more than we may have even known. Today, one of our favorite things is not only how close we are with each other, but also with everyone’s parents and their families.

This group means everything to us because for four short years the world was ours. Our time at St. Mike’s defined us all – a time we will never forget. And it was magic. It wasn’t perfect, but we’ve been able to romanticize the bad. We lived on budgets, followed busy schedules, couldn’t cook, got our hearts broken and learned some hard lessons. But, we loved, accepted and believed in each other as we navigated our last years as teenagers and entered our early 20s. And, that commitment to our friendship continues to this day. Now we’re older and life is more real. We have celebrated first houses, weddings, travels and babies. We have stood together in sadness and grief. These people contributed to the person each of us is and we are with each wherever we go.

– Andrea Gosselin ’08, Aimee (Boyle) Duffy ’08, Leah (O’Brien) Palone ‘08

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