College Cool Kids

Kristi Dyer ’02, David Barrowclough ’02, Mary Ledoux ’02, Andrea Therrien ’02, Michaela Cook ‘02

I want to take a moment to talk about the wonderful friends that I met during my first moments at Saint Michaels College. It all began in Ryan Hall, August of 1998. My first Friend was my new roommate Kristi Dyer ‘02 and then the companionship extended to the introduction of her hometown best friend David Barrowclough ‘02. As the days, months and weeks rolled by and we were all becoming closer to discovering our true selves and the love never ended. Mary Ledoux ‘02 and Andrea Therrien ‘02 amongst others had joined our circle and we were inseparable from the start. My friends and their friends soon became our friends from hometowns and on campus as well as in the community. Their families became our families. The memories and adventures we shared have carried way beyond the mile radius of Saint Michael’s College in good ‘ole Winooski Park. Weddings, funerals, births, parties, laughs and tons of fun along the way – oh what a wild strange trip it’s been!

When tragedy struck in my immediate world and I suffered the sudden loss of my boyfriend (who was an honorary SMC student during the last two years of my days at SMC) during the fall of 2003, it was the strength and hope shared with me by my Saint Michael’s family that truly helped the grief, loss and pain. I am forever grateful for the bonds of friendship that I formed at St. Mike’s, and it’s something that will never go away. From August of 1998 until today, 19 years, and for many years to come my SMC friends have been a solid foundation for love and lifelong friendships.

Michaela Cook ‘02

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