Shaleen & Conor Driscoll ‘08

It was my birthday, about the third day of freshman year. Classes hadn’t even started. I was leaving Alliot with a couple girls when a hippie dude with a surfer hair stopped to chat. There was a moment when I looked into those blue eyes, and I just knew. We exchanged AIM screen names. How ancient are we?

Turned out we both lived in Ryan. Go figure. My room was on the first floor, room 106, right next to the exit at the time. I know the buildings are all combined now so people don’t freeze as much. I would leave the door open and blast my music. Thank you Jimmy Eat World (Futures to be exact). He would find reasons to stop by.

“Do you have any nail clippers?”

“Really? You rarely wear shoes.”

Before long, we were inseparable, but we took our time getting together. I had a boyfriend back home who was a wonderful guy, but he didn’t turn out to be the one. That shoeless hippie surfer did. He signed up to volunteer with me at the Boys and Girls club, and the rest was history. (We’re both in education now. He’s a principal, and I’m a school counselor.)

We didn’t have our first kiss until sophomore year in Purtill up on North Campus. Does that even still exist?

I told him I loved him in the woods at the edge of campus. He was always climbing trees.

Four years of Dobra tea, watching the sunset at Shelburne Farm, root beer floats, shouting “This is what democracy looks like” up and down Church Street, making our LEAP retreat, and late-night easy mac.

We got married in 2011 at the chapel and celebrated at the Old Lantern, a fabulous venue I recommend to future St. Mike’s brides to be.

We just had our first child, Courtney, this past October. Oh, and I can’t forget our fur baby, Bernice.

Thank you St. Mike’s for giving me the love of my life.

– Shaleen Driscoll ’08

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