Day: February 9, 2017

2007 Crew

If you had told me 14 years ago that I would meet some of my closest and best friends at St. Mike’s, I probably would’ve smiled and said “I hope so,” without ever really thinking more about it. However, as I sit here and think about how many wonderful friendships I gained during my time at St. Mike’s, I can’t help but feel so blessed.

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Jill ’09 & Ben Lannen

I met my husband at St. Mike’s in 2007, although he wasn’t a St. Mike’s student. It was the first week of my junior year and my friends and I were living in the 400’s. As we were part of the Ambassador Program – which was awesome, by the way – one of our friends […]

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Paul Galbraith ‘78

The love of the performing arts was attained by four special people at Saint Michael’s College. Don and Joanne Rathgeb, Dr. William Tortolano, and Dr. Paul LeClair. These four wonderful teachers gave me such a wide variety of enjoyment both in and out of class. My “Thanks” to St. Mike’s for giving me for extraordinary […]

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The Five Stars

Coming from five different countries (Honduras, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Afghanistan, Tanzania) for college in a small town in Vermont and finding a family in friends is what we describe our group as.

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Mike ’70 & Patricia (Foye) Mulligan

My Valentine story began the evening of December 8, 1968. I had the job, on campus through the snack bar (which was on the second floor of Alliot Hall at the time) of servicing all the soda machines on campus. St. Mike’s was all male at that time and I was not anticipating any social […]

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Bill Allen ‘52

As part of the class of 1952, which consisted of many WW2 veterans and others like me, whose graduation present was an all expense paid trip to Korea. In my Junior, year a buddy of mine whose name was Tom asked me if I would double date two girls from Trinity, and I said I […]

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St. Mike’s Stories of Love and Friendship

Did you meet at Orientation or noticed each other in class? Perhaps you met years after graduation through a St. Mike’s connection? Whether by luck or fate that brought you together, St. Mike’s is glad to be a part of your story!

Thank you to all who have shared your stories.

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