2007 Crew

Pictured from left to right: Sheila (Regan) Romano ‘07, Amanda Magnan ‘07, Amy Fayne ‘07, Jessi (Eiras) Zodda ‘07, Monique (Gagnon) Magno ‘07, Jess (Watts) Runnals ‘07, Kelly Murphy ‘07, Nikia (Murchie) Trinward ‘07, Lauren Putnam ‘07

If you had told me 14 years ago that I would meet some of my closest and best friends at St. Mike’s, I probably would’ve smiled and said “I hope so,” without ever really thinking more about it. However, as I sit here and think about how many wonderful friendships I gained during my time at St. Mike’s, I can’t help but feel so blessed. I also can’t help but think about how “close” and “best friends” don’t do justice to what we all became through our time at school and after graduation.

While we all met at different times and through different situations (classes, dorms, activities, etc.), by the time we graduated, we were a 9-person group of serious friendship love. And, to this day, nearly 10 years after graduation, we are in some ways closer than ever. We may all live in different areas of the country, have different jobs and different life schedules, but at the end of the day, we know we are always a call, text or email away from everyone. In fact, it is rare for more than a few days to go by without some sort of communication between the group. Over the years, we’ve shared laughs, tears, happiness, change and so much more and I couldn’t be more grateful to have these ladies in my life.

– Monique (Gagnon) Magno ‘07

Happy Valentine’s Day St. Mike’s! My all-time favorite V-Day memory brings me back to February 14, 2007 at St. Mike’s. There was a huge snow storm, classes were cancelled, we got snowed in and we spent all day sledding, snowshoeing, and playing in the snow with our best friends; it will go down in history as the BEST V-Day ever.

Orientation: scared, nervous, in an unknown place, surrounded by upper classman blowing whistles and running around yelling….I quickly see other freshmen’s faces and I’m not alone…I take the opportunity to introduce myself to Lauren Putnam and Jessi Eiras…“Hi, my name is Kia…like the car.” It must have stuck because we’ve been best friends since.

Political Science: Classes that were harder than I thought…I get partnered with Amanda Magnan on a Global Aids project…best friends since…maybe because we got an A!

Lyons Hall: All girls dorm (at least when we were at St. Mike’s)…we know how to have fun….I met Jessica Watts, Monique Gagnon, Sheila Regan…they are wild and crazy first floor ladies…..best friends since.
Ryan Hall: New friends introduce me to Amy Fayne and Kelly Murphy….Ryan Hall was a species of its own…best friends since.

Since graduation, we went our separate ways for a little but Boston seemed to call us all back together…St. Mike’s reunion. We have since each grown in our own ways, pursued our careers, met our significant others, bought houses, moved, had kids, etc., all while sharing these memories together.

St. Mike’s – thanks for the lasting memories and for introducing me to the best friends I could ever ask for.

– Nikia Trinward ’07

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