Galentine’s Day

Happy Galentine’s Day to the St. Mike’s Girls Book Club (Arianne, Kristin, Meg, Rachel & Victoria — and honorary members: Amelia, Jenna, Katie, & Michelle)!

We met almost fifteen years ago (is that possible?!) as residents of fourth floor Joyce and became fast friends. We made it through four years of college and all that entails (late-night study sessions, thesis papers, Jock Jams parties, 21st birthdays, reality tv binge-watching (“everyone just needs to calm down & eat a cookie”), break-ups, that one time we climbed a mountain, pre-graduation panic attacks (and later, post-graduation panic attacks), the bees’ knees (OH, the bees’ knees!), and more.

In the years following, we’ve managed to keep it together and bear witness to a whole slew of important life events: big moves, job promotions, marriages.

One of the ways we’ve managed to stay in touch, from different places in the country and from very different points in our lives, is through our online book club. We organized ourselves in 2012 (four years after we graduated), and have been meeting monthly ever since. We’re about to come up on a big milestone: the 50-book mark! I love pretending to still be smart with you ladies.

Here’s to many more decades of friendship and literary analysis! May we read about ghosts, strong women, and more ghosts, forever and anon! (And may we learn from our mistakes and avoid ancient Norse Lotharios for the rest of our days). 💖

Alyisha Waz ‘08

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