Ray ’52 & Beverly Weldon

Picture is from our wedding day.

Living off campus I ate most every day in the restaurant/lunchroom where Bev was a waitress (Connie’s Barbecue). I finally asked Bev out for “tomorrow night,” and she agreed to meet me at about 7:30 at her workplace where we could have a bite to eat then take in a movie. She didn’t show up and after waiting quite awhile, I decided to eat and go home. As I’m finishing up, she walks in about 9 o’clock and apologetic. She said she’d forgotten her promise to take her younger sister to a show and didn’t know how to contact me beforehand. She sat down and we talked, and everything seemed to be ironed out, until she mentioned how the contestant on some 1948 radio quiz show had reached the $50,000 level by answering the next question correctly.

“They announced that at the movies?” I asked. Her chin dropped and she confessed that some of her friends picked her up in their car and they all went riding together (probably a better offer than mine). She reiterated how sorry she was and offered to meet me the next night for a movie if the offer was still open. I agreed. My pride was hurt and I had no intention of showing up – and I didn’t. When I talked to her at the restaurant the next day after standing her up, she forgave me and admitted she had it coming. Right then and there I realized I acted like a boob. It was a good lesson for both of us about honesty and the pettiness of “getting even” and it stood us in good stead in our future relationship. We went to the movies that night and two years later we were married for 58 wonderful years and had nine really good children before she died in 2008.

By the way, the movie was the 1948 version of “Road House” in which Ida Lupino sings the song “Again” which became “our” song (and might account for the 9 kids).

– Ray Weldon ‘52

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