Day: February 13, 2018

Joseph Grather and Shelby Newkirk ’92

Met my sweetie at our 15 year reunion. True love. -Joseph Grather ’92

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Neighbors All Four Years

It all started during freshman orientation, when the 6 girls of Ryan Hall’s second floor met the 6 guys of Ryan Hall’s first floor. We matured into the 6 girls of Linnehan’s second floor, and the 6 guys of Linnehan’s first floor. Junior year half of us went abroad, but the remaining became Canterbury’s second […]

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Kelly Rose Losi ’11

Met at SMC – 8/07 Graduated SMC – 5/11 Engaged near SMC – 1/17 Getting married at SMC – 4/18 KR+M

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Lisa Chesnel ’99 and Matt Sheehey ’98

I met Matt Sheehey (’98) in July 1998. I had just returned from an academic year abroad at the University of Barcelona, Spain and was living on campus and working in the Office of Study Abroad for the summer. My friend Jara Johnson (’99) was on the St. Mike’s Rescue Squad and involved in all […]

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3 Loves of My Life

SMC gave me so many incredible memories and friendships but nothing will ever compare to the connection it gave me to the 3 loves of my life – Shelby Superneau, Abby Meachem and Emme Hughes. Abby, Shelby and I met in our First Year Seminar (Drama & Culture) with Prof. Nick Clary. Abby later introduced […]

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A Michaelman Recalls

It was 1947 when, after graduating from Mt. St. Joseph Academy in Rutland, Vermont, I entered St. Michael’s College as a freshman in order to study to become a diocesan priest At registration I was helped by a cleric who introduced himself at Brother Anthony Krutch, SSE. He was probably the first lay brother I […]

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Mary Rouille-Sanchez ’76 and Fernando Sanchez-Contreras P’05

I met my husband, Fernando, on the day before I started my senior year. He was studying English, and I was majoring in Modern Languages and English Literature. He invited me to Mexico after graduation. I went and fell in love with him and the country. I came back to Vermont and enrolled in the […]

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Dan Jordan ’94

Father VanderWeel was and is my spiritual director. He has helped to guide me to being a good person, Catholic and Priest.(All of the Edmundites have help with this too). I found my calling to be a parish priest at St Mikes. And I love serving God’s people.

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Louis Chabot ’56

We went to high school together. Our first date was was November 4, 1950. I walked her home from the high school dance. I got a handshake. The next Saturday night, same handshake, but the next Saturday night I got a “peck” on the cheek! After St. Mike’s and my first year in the army, […]

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Tony and Kristen DiGuglielmo ’90

Tony and I met at St.Michael’s our freshmen year. In fact sophomore year, I set him up with my roommate. This was, of course, because I thought he was a good catch as girlfriends always take care of each other. Junior year our first date was the Valentines Semiformal and we have been a couple […]

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Friends for Life

I have a couple love stories from my time at SMC. The story I want to tell however, is not the one of how I met my husband (I’ll save that story for another day), but how I met my friends for life. To call this group of women my “friends” is an understatement. They […]

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Kristin Martinson Zawatski and Steve Zawatski ’00

The first time I met my husband Steve it was as he raced up the library steps so he could hold the door for me as we both walked up from different sides. I didn’t find out his name until the following semester, but I always remembered how he’d done that. When I finally met […]

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Miketown Brethren

Hey, my name is Bob Stapleton, class of ’75. I just want to give a shout out to all of my fellow Miketown brethren, that I came to know and love to this day. Most of the guys were from the classes of ’74 through ’76 but not everybody. We still get together to this […]

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Maureen Corsetti Colby and Matthew Colby ’02

I could have never predicted it, but Saint Michael’s College put me on a path to discovering the greatest loves of my life. I met my husband, Matthew Colby, during the spring semester of 2000. We were sophomores and were enrolled in Dr. Fran Toomey’s Adolescent Development class. We were just starting out on our […]

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To My People Samia Stetson ’17

From all the laughs and tears we have shared over the years, to the days and nights we will never ever forget, I am truly lucky to have these people in my life. SMC, you gave me so much more than an education, you gave me the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Coming […]

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Queen of Junior Weekend

In the spring of 1968, SMC as well as the rest of our country was in turmoil. Martin Luther King had just been murdered, Robert Kennedy only had a couple of months to live and the conflict in Vietnam raged on. But for one weekend — Junior Weekend — everything was OK on the hilltop […]

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Tom ’90 and Debbie Casey ’91

I began working towards a degree at St. Mike’s in 1986. Four years later I achieved that goal. But that was not the greatest thing that happened to me in those four years. In the spring of my sophomore year I met a freshman named Debbie. She was the friend of a friend of a […]

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Allison Murphy ’86 and Maggie (Harding) Vatter ’86

I met my love, my husband Michael, at St. Mike’s, but this is a story about the other love of my life, my best friend, Maggie (Harding) Vatter (SMC 1986). Maggie and I officially met in 6th grade, but our friendship didn’t begin to grow until high school. We had the same circle of friends, […]

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Rev. Paul McQuillen S.S.E. ‘ 72

Sept. 1968. Freshman year at St. Michael’s College. The 2nd student I met after my roommate was this pudgy, neurotic, talking machine with a South Boston accent named Paul. He was smart, valedictorian of his HS, and incredibly anxious about life in general and succeeding academically in specific. He was a math major and a […]

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Tony ’69 and Rita Ingrisano

When I went to St Mike’s the nursing students from Jeanne Mance (the Catholic nursing school at Degosbriand Hospital) took their academic courses on campus. In between classes they would often hang out in the coffee shop, then on the second floor of Alliot. In my junior year I met Rita Whalen there when the […]

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Dan Glover ’89 and Peter Houde ’89

Peter Houde has been my best friend for the past thirty years. Despite having periods of time pass by (sometimes years at a time), he has remained a true friend who has been a support through life’s ups and downs.

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Bob Butler ’64

When I think of the many wonderful things that happened to me in college one experience immediately stands out. In between my junior and senior years I came down with a serious illness and was not able to work in the summer. As a result , I lacked the funds necessary to pay college expenses […]

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Don White ’70 and Gerard Poulin ’70

My roommate Gerard Poulin for two years helped me become a more compassionate human being I hope to connect with him and find out how he’s doing

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Love you, Monstahs!

The friends I made at St. Mike’s continue to be (and will always be) my very best friends. Some I met freshman year (like my Ryan 457 roommate, or my teammates on the swim team) and some I met along the way. Regardless of when we met throughout our four years at SMC, we have […]

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Matt and Meghan DiVenere ’10

My wife, Megan DiVenere, and I met near the end of first semester senior year for the first time ever. The funniest part of it all was that her and I shared very close friends for all four years but only met near the end of our St. Mikes lives. St. Mikes played such a […]

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Old friends see the eclipse

Great friends still get together over great distances (Alaska, New Mexico and Vermont) Photo 1 “Waiting For the Moon” Out side of Casper, Wyoming on Eclipse Day, August 21, 2017 From left to right Jeremy Theoret, 1984 Pete Van Tuyn, 1984 Ed Matthews, 1984 Paul Vichi, 1984 Photo 2 “The Arrival of the Moon” -Ed […]

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Anthony Agostinelli ’55

I met Barbara Eugenia Plociennik on a ski trip of the Boston College Ski Club to what was known as “Killington Basin”, Vermont in 1963. I had graduated the BC School of Social and she was finishing her master’s degree in Education. It was St. Patrick’s Day weekend…we didn’t chat much on those first two […]

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St. Mike’s Stories of Love and Friendship

Did you meet at Orientation or noticed each other in class? Perhaps you met years after graduation through a St. Mike’s connection? Whether by luck or fate that brought you together, St. Mike’s is glad to be a part of your story!

Thank you to all who have shared your stories.

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