Bob Butler ’64

When I think of the many wonderful things that happened to me in college one experience immediately stands out. In between my junior and senior years I came down with a serious illness and was not able to work in the summer. As a result , I lacked the funds necessary to pay college expenses and withdrew from school. But three people at the college saved me from disaster. When Father Ziter and classmates Jack Dorsey , Marsh Haddad and Eddie Talbot noticed I was missing, they developed a plan which enabled me to return to school by arranging for me to work as a proctor at St. Joseph’s Orphanage. This paid room and board and enabled me to return to St. Mike’s. And it was a job I absolutely loved. I’ve often thought what could have happened if I dropped out of college and I shudder to think how shrunken my life might have become.

My final two years at St. Mike’s were a period of extraordinary growth which opened the door to a doctoral program at Notre Dame and , later a deeply satisfying career as a college professor . I will never stop thanking the four people at St. Mike’s who saved me from disaster at such a crucial period of my life. They typify for me the richly human educational experience I was so lucky to receive at the college. It was an experience rooted in academic excitement, personal care, and extraordinary kindness.

Jack Dorsey passed away two days ago . Our long friendship was a great joy to me and I will always remember him as embodying the essence of the beautifully liberal education we received at St. Mike’s.

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