Friends for Life

I have a couple love stories from my time at SMC. The story I want to tell however, is not the one of how I met my husband (I’ll save that story for another day), but how I met my friends for life. To call this group of women my “friends” is an understatement. They are my champions, therapists, comedians, and sisters. Since I met them in 1997, we have had an unwavering bond, the likes of which I have never experienced with any other group of women. Through the highest of highs and lowest of lows, they are always there. We have been together through exams, parties, graduations, dating, break-ups, marriages, births of children, deaths, and everything else life has thrown at us. After 20+ years, we continue to meet for our bi-annual (at minimum) girls only weekend getaways, we see each other for dinners and activities with our families, and we have group texts circulating almost daily. If there is one thing I am certain of, it is that our friendship is unique and unmatched. It is a bond that was formed at SMC and has only grown through the years. This Valentine’s Day, as we close in on age 40, I celebrate my time at SMC and the sisterhood that I have found with Kimberly (Deforge) Rodliff, Devon Aloisa, Maura (Dargush) Friddle, Melissa (Nuttall) Wilson, Laura (Pepi) Pratt, and Melissa McDonald. I only hope, as I raise children of my own, that they are lucky enough to find a group of friends that impact their lives half as much as my SMC girls have impacted mine!
-Stacey (Szeidler) Klein ’01

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