Lisa Chesnel ’99 and Matt Sheehey ’98

I met Matt Sheehey (’98) in July 1998. I had just returned from an academic year abroad at the University of Barcelona, Spain and was living on campus and working in the Office of Study Abroad for the summer. My friend Jara Johnson (’99) was on the St. Mike’s Rescue Squad and involved in all things medical (she’s now a pediatrician in Rochester, NY). She asked me if I wanted to join her at Fletcher Allen Hospital and pretend to be a nurse for three hours and get paid $50. I was broke from my travels abroad and agreed. She said this guy Matt Sheehey would be picking us up and the only bad thing about him was that he SMOKED but she asked him not to smoke in the car while she was present. When we got to hospital, I was introduced to a woman named Linda Sheehey. Linda seemed to run the place (!), and I quickly learned she was Matt’s aunt and the wife of long-time (now retired) St. Mike’s registrar, John Sheehey, and the hence reason for Matt’s participation in the program. The program is called Advanced Trauma Life Support, a simulation for doctors to gain experience in dealing with trauma patients. In our program there were three nurses and three patients (the males were all patients because they had to take their shirts off). Each nurse was paired up with a patient and a team of doctors. I quickly found the nurse instructions for the patient played by Matt because despite his bad habit, I thought he was handsome and nice. We met again a few months later in downtown Burlington due to some mutual friends and we’ve been together ever since (20 years!!). We were married in 2005 and shortly thereafter, we quit our jobs and joined the Peace Corps, where we served in Panama from 2007-2009. We now live in Arlington, VA and have two sons, Peter (8) and Patrick (5) and. I work at the Department of Agriculture and Matt is now the press director at the Peace Corps.

-Lisa Chesnel ’99

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