Miketown Brethren

Hey, my name is Bob Stapleton, class of ’75. I just want to give a shout out to all of my fellow Miketown brethren, that I came to know and love to this day. Most of the guys were from the classes of ’74 through ’76 but not everybody. We still get together to this day mostly thanks to Turtle (Bob Cubbin). Thanks great one!!!!!!

My journey began in ’71 on the 4th floor of Alumni where I met the first of a group of guys that I have traveled through life with. The rest of the boys that I came to know and love came from the gym playing basketball, (stinking of beer on a Saturday morning, drinking age 18 at the time) or the Mill in Winooski, Bob O’ Lees between the North and South Campus, Hannibal’s, The Blue Tooth, The Last Chance, BT Maquires and a load of other places in Burlington (all before Church St became so chic) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the after hours parties back at our off campus house in senior year. Everybody remember Sonny and Sis? Somehow or other we managed to make it to class and get through the best four years (or possibly five for some) of our lives.

Here’s to Bob Cubbin (Turtle), Doug Rhoten (Chicago or Beak), Bobby Cole (Bobby C, Coleface, Facial, Colee, Doctor B, Bobo), Vinnie McMahon (Vino, Vince, Vincente), Chris Keane (Twin), Fred O’Halloren (Rico), Bobby Stapleton (Stapes), John Stapleton (Hermie), Carl Camia (Boy Toy), John Condon (Rookie), Julio Kaiser (Julio LaFoot), Chris Gregory (Chris), Ollie Spellman (Ghandi), Gene Cyzinski (Geno), Mike Lavin (Flyman), John Sullivan (Sully, naturally), Bobby Fox (Foxy), etc…. If I missed a few , you know who you are

Last but not least, here’s a fond farewell to some of the guys no longer with us. May you each rest in peace. You are missed. Bobby McHugh (Kegs, Sugar Bear), Gus Dalton (Nice Gus!!!!) Rich Keane (the other Twin) and Warren Blunt (Wazoo)

Attaching a few photos with a number of us at some recent get together’s. Love you guys!!!

– Bob Stapleton ’75

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